Social Media and Online Marketing

Social Media is one of the most fundamentally important tools in online marketing today. With social media, marketers have the ability to reach millions of potential customers and leads cheaper and more affordable than ever before.

The Internet is the basis of the social online marketing industry; without the internet, online marketing would not exist. By utilizing social media, a global tool, advertisers and businesses are able to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers fast and effectively. This advertising can be done several different ways:

Display Advertising: This includes mainly includes the use of web banners. These banners are visible on most major social networking sites and usually operate on a pay-per-click basis. Marketers will bid per click on their custom advertisements that they created. Depending on how high the bid is determines how often their banner ad will be shown. If a advertiser bids too low, they risk losing potential customers and leads.

Mobile Advertising: This type of advertising targets social media users on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Small mobile oriented banners are usually used within Apps of most major social media providers such as Facebook. A user will see a mobile ad cleverly placed within their Facebook News Feed for example. Mobile advertising has greatly increased over recent years as mobile devices are overtaking traditional computers by a land slide. The realm of mobile advertising is moving at a very fast pace due to constant changes in mobile user interfaces and Apps.

Floating Advertisements: This type of advertising through social media has increased in recent years as end users bandwidth through 4g and home internet has increased. Floating advertisements are a type of rich media ad. These ads appear over web content forcing users to watch and possibly skip the video. Floating advertisements are usually used sparingly per end user as they tend to be a distraction.

Social media is not just about Twitter and Facebook. Social media encompasses many different forms such as internet forums, blogs, podcasts, and wikis. Despite some of these being less popular than mainstream social media, they still could provide a great avenue to promote products and services through.

Market Research is one of the best uses within the business realm of social media. The incredible analytic data that popular apps and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide free of charge to it's advertisers is fantastic. This incredible level of detail they offer includes many potential customers movements both online and offline. This allows online marketers the ability to target potential customers with laser accurate precision to produce the highest number of sales as possible.

Social media even offers businesses to ability to provide tailored promotions to specific users at very specific times. This outweighs traditional mail coupon marketing and makes it almost a fools play. With the technology available to us today including the internet, online marketing is the most effective way to increase sales and leads for your business.